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Monetize Your Mind as a Solopreneur and Grow Your Income!

Published on
May 16, 2023
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From freelance worker to strategic problem-solver

If you're stuck in a loop of project execution without input, or you're throwing in your wisdom for free, this one's for you.

Ready to level up and get paid for your strategic mind?

Here's how:

1. Change Your Mindset

Switch from doer to thinker. Embrace a consultative approach by spotting problems, offering solutions, and taking charge. Listen, understand, and evaluate the client's needs before acting.

2. Upgrade Your Skills

Sharpen your analytical mind by mastering critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making. Polish your communication and negotiation skills. Present and defend your ideas with flair. Need a skill boost? Consider personal development courses or workshops.

3. Create Your Offering

Find your sweet spot. Where are you a whizz? What problems can you solve like a champ? Package your technical skills and industry knowledge into a unique service offering to attract the right clients.

4. Promote Yourself

Show that you're a problem-solver, not just a doer. Highlight your strategic thinking, successful strategies, and project impacts. Use LinkedIn, your website, or industry events to showcase your expertise.

Remember, this transition takes time, patience, and grit. But your job satisfaction, higher income, and professional reputation growth will make it well worth it. 

7 Ways to Monetize Your Brainpower

1. Consultant 

Companies need experts to ponder their problems and guide them. Your brainpower can steer a business in the right direction.

2. Research Analyst or Strategist

Analyze trends, forecast events, and think deeply about decision consequences. Your insights can shape a company's strategy.

3. Professional Problem Solver

Think tanks, research institutions, and tech companies need people to solve complex issues. Therefore, your critical thinking skills will be in high demand.

4. Solopreneur/Entrepreneur

Every successful business owner finds an innovative solution to a painful problem. So don't reinvent the wheel - fix the burning itch. 

5. Writer

Get paid to write about your thoughts. Start a blog, write a book, or publish content. Platforms like Medium and Substack let readers pay you directly.

6. Educator

Help others that are on the same path you complete successfully. Move them from A to B by packaging your expertise and knowledge into digital products.

7. Fractional Executive

Think CEO, CMO, CTO, or CFO with a twist. You can work part-time for multiple companies that can't afford a full-time executive. Yes, this is a thing, and it's getting popular.

Remember, these roles demand thinking and effective communication, teamwork, and real-world problem-solving skills.

Weekly Challenge

This week I challenge you to take your first steps to transition from a freelance doer to a strategic thinker:

  1. Mindset Shift. Spend time reflecting on your current challenges. Write them down
  2. Skills Upgrade. Identify one area where you need to strengthen your skills. It could be critical thinking, communication, negotiation, or any skill you feel is weak.
  3. Unique Offering. Determinate one area where you excel and can offer something unique. Write down the specific problems you can solve and how to package this into a service offering.
  4. Promote Yourself. Update your LinkedIn profile or website to reflect your new strategic focus. 

Remember, you don't need to rush this. The goal is to begin the transition, not complete it in a week. So take it one step at a time and keep moving forward. You got this!

Extra 3

Here are 3 bonus tools and resources I believe you'll find helpful as well:

  • Learn more about Fractional Executives from this great article put together by Lavinia Iosub, a thought leader in the space.
  • Don't know where to start? Ask someone that's walking the talk. Book a Clarity Call with me, a former Freelancer become Solopreneur, Fractional Executive, Writer, Educator & Consultant.
  • Learn from Adriana Tica's Ideas to Power Your Future, who shares every Thursday actionable strategy advice, real growth, not hacks, and trend analyses.

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