My Story

After growing up in a small city in Transylvania, I moved to attend university in one of the most expensive cities in Romania.

I quit my first University to be able to work full-time to gain work experience and stop putting financial pressure on my parents. I graduate my second University and start changing jobs like socks, until the reality struck.

Getting a $200-a-month pay-check won't get me anywhere in life.  

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The Digital Beginnings

After building my first website in 2010, I've tried a few ways to make money online but failed at most - while learning a lot. I grew one of my first websites to 200 k visitors a day while self-learning Web Design, SEO, and online marketing techniques.

In the process, I fell in love with Web Design and Digital Marketing, and I started freelancing as a side hustle while still being a full-time employee.

At the end of 2010, I made my first dollars online from my side hustle, and one year later, in 2011, I quit my job and went all-in into Freelancing before starting my one-person business, Digital Finest, in 2016.

The Nomad Life

With an inborn curiosity and passion for travel, in 2019, I sold or donated allmost all my physical belongings. I packed my laptop, the camera, snorkeling gear, and a few clothes, and I bought a one-way ticket to Bali to become a location-independent digital nomad.

I've been chasing the sun and good weather ever since, and I've traveled to 26 countries while living in 10. That made me develop a passion for genuine human connection and helping others.

The Purpose

This inspired me to go on a mission to help 10,000 aspiring solopreneurs build location-independent businesses, one story at a time. I'm here to share the stories of successful solopreneurs I meet so you have the right inspiration and resources you need to build a thriving one-person business that's not tied down to a specific location.

Between working on my mission and sharing their stories, you can find me swimming in the ocean, hiking on volcanos or through dense tropical forests, or taking wildlife & landscape photos.

I love to learn from others and share my perspective and learnings on Business, Marketing, and Location Independence. I do so almost every day, on LinkedIn, Threads, Instagram or TikTok. Follow me there.

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