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Create a unique offer and find the right market

Published on
February 21, 2023
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How to build an offering that will make you stand out

As a freelancing service provider, you know how competitive the marketplace can be. As a result, it can be challenging to stand out and attract new clients. One way to differentiate yourself is by creating a unique offer. But how do you make an offer that stands out and resonates with potential clients?

The first step is to take an unbiased look at your current offering. Then, evaluate each element and ask yourself if it helps you reach your goal, promotes what clients value, solves the most significant pain, and is not overused in the marketplace. If an element doesn't meet these criteria, it's time to remove it.

Once you've eliminated the unnecessary elements, it's time to focus on what matters. First, consider what your clients love about your services and what you're best at. Next, consider their biggest pain points and how you can solve them better than anyone else. This will help you create an offer that fits your objectives, elevates what clients love, and solves their most major pain.

Combining these elements will create a unique offer that sets you apart from the competition. It will allow you to showcase your services in a way no one else can replicate. Potential clients will see that you understand their needs and have the skills to solve their problems better than anyone else.

Creating a unique offer is not about adding new bells and whistles to your existing services. Instead, it's about stripping away what doesn't matter and focusing on what makes you stand out.

Find the right market using Alex Hormozi's $100M Offers

In Chapter 4 of Alex Hormozi's book, $100M Offers, he emphasizes the importance of finding the right market to sell your services to.

The four indicators Alex refers to are:

  1. Massive Pain: Your prospects must feel an urgent need for your service, not just a sheer desire.
  2. Purchasing Power: Your prospects must have the means or access to the funds necessary to purchase your offer.
  3. Easy to Target: Your audience should live in markets that are easy to target.
  4. Growing: The market should be growing to make things progress faster.

If you still need to read his book, do your business a favor and start now.

Weekly Challenge

This week, I challenge you to block 2 hours in your calendar and review your service offering.

Remove anything that:

  • Doesn't help you reach your goal
  • Doesn't promote what clients value
  • Are overused in the marketplace
  • It doesn't solve the most meaningful pain

Add anything that:

  • Fits your objective
  • Elevates what clients love
  • Solves the most major pain

Reply to this email with your revamped offer.

I might know a person or two that is looking for your services.

Until next week,

Pura Vida!

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