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Escape the Big-Tech Algorithm Prison and Take Control of Your Business

Published on
September 5, 2023
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Take Control of Your Audience without Relying on Algorithms

Ever felt like a puppet on strings, every move controlled by algorithms? One algorithm changes, and your content drowns. Your engagement rate plummets. Your client leads dry up. Most people double down on trying to decode the algorithm. Spoiler alert: The house always wins.

You buy into SEO hacks, social media masterclasses, and big data analytics tools. Sure, these things work sometimes. But it's a never-ending cycle. You're not solving the problem; you're buying temporary relief.

I have a different approach: Taking control of your Audience. Capture your audience where you can always reach them.

The best part? It’s algorithm-proof.

Own your audience by capturing their emails. Then, you have a channel that's not subject to the whims of ever-changing algorithms. You're the algorithm now. You can reach them whenever you want, how you want. No middleman.

Take Susan, a relationship coach. She was constantly optimizing her LinkedIn posts. Engagement was erratic. She decided to change her approach. She started offering a free e-book. The cost? An email address. A few months later, she had a list of 5,000. Now, she sends a weekly newsletter, and every time she launches a new coaching program or product, she uses her list. Result? 20% increase in sales compared with her LinkedIn conversion.

Or Mark, a business consultant. He ran Facebook Ads but got burned by frequent changes. He switched to evergreen webinars. They weren't one-off events but an avenue to capture their emails. He went from a 5% conversion rate to a steady 15%.

Leverage Technology and Start Your Independence

ConvertKit or other email marketing software helps you capture and manage your email list.

It's beginner-friendly and highly efficient.

Want to segment your audience? Done.

Automated campaigns? Easy.

It's like having an assistant for your emails.

An easy-to-use tool that complements owning your audience.

Check out ConvertKit's free training called “List Building Pep Talk” to get started.

Weekly Challenge

Here's your task: Set up an email capture system this week.

  1. Create a Lead Magnet: Something short (max 1 hour to consume) that solves a problem for your target audience. That compliments your paid offer. E.g., an E-book, a checklist, a mini-course.
  2. Set Up a Landing Page: A high-converting landing page can make or break your Lead Magnet. If you have the time,  marketing, and technical knowledge, build it yourself. If not, send me an email. I've been doing this for 13+ years.  
  3. Promote: Share the landing page on your existing channels.

Your reward? The beginning of an owned audience. You're planting seeds for a forest, not a lone tree.

Your Future Awaits

Imagine waking up without the dread of checking your post's engagement. Your audience is there, waiting in your inbox. You decide the content. You control the reach. It’s a relationship, not a one-night stand with an algorithm.

The power is in your hands, finally.

Let’s break those shackles. Stop being a puppet!

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