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The 4 Ways of Getting Lucky Without Relying on Chance

Published on
October 3, 2023
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Imagine a world where luck isn't just the roll of a dice but something you can nudge in your favor. That world is the reality we're living, and today, you'll learn 3 things that will help you create your own luck. 1 actionable tip, 1 resource, and 1 challenge for you to consider this week.

Before we dive into it, check this week's highlight below:

Building consistency in business is challenging. My good friend Stewart Gauld shared in the latest episode on The Nomad Solopreneur Show, The Focus Funnel, which helped him go from selling chocolate to over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube!

How to Get Lucky in Life & Business Without Relying on Chance

As a solo business owner, the more lucky breaks you get, the more opportunities you'll have.

Many believe that luck is about being in the right place at the right time. But what if you could make the "right time" happen? What if you could tilt the scales?

Most of us trust that hard work alone will eventually pay off. We believe success will stumble upon us out of the blue. But blind luck is not something we control. It is called "dumb luck" for a reason.

We all heard it: push harder, hustle more, and keep your fingers crossed. Read a few self-help books watch motivational videos, hoping to channel some serendipity. In reality, waiting passively for a big break can be a lifelong game.

One of the most wise and wealthy humans alive, Naval Ravikant, placed luck into four types:

Hope luck finds you.
Hustle until you stumble into it. 
Prepare the mind and be sensitive to chances others miss.
Become the best at what you do. Refine what you do until this is true. Opportunity will seek you out. Luck becomes your destiny.

Harnessing the Four Corners of Luck in Business and Life:

Blind Luck: The Unpredictable Element

Not everyone inherits a fortune or wins the lottery, but blind luck has different forms. Simply by being born in a peaceful country, and having access to education or the Internet, you can consider yourself lucky. Apart from fate, life has its fair share of surprises, and not all are in our grip. But we can amplify our chances. Engage in fresh circles, try online masterclasses, or even volunteer for industry events.

Example: Suppose you're a coach specializing in team dynamics. Volunteer at a local startup incubator. By mentoring young startups on team building, you might stumble upon a growing company eager to hire you for a longer-term project.

Persistence Luck: The Art of Resilience

The world rewards the relentless. Every "no" takes you one step closer to a "yes." Imagine it as increasing the surface area of your luck, as Dennis Geelen says it. More opportunities suddenly become more easier.

Example: As a consultant in digital marketing, if your proposal gets rejected by a tech firm, pivot. Maybe the local brick-and-mortar businesses need your expertise. Refine, approach, and before you know it, the neighborhood café you love could become your next big client.

Spotted Luck: The Trained Eye

Discovering golden chances isn't about magic; it's about mindfulness. Pay attention to trends, discussions, and even casual chats over coffee. There's potential everywhere.

Example: As a solopreneur, during a podcast, you notice the host mentioning they struggle with organizing their content calendar. Why not share your new content management tool with them after the episode?

Reputation-based Luck: Crafting Your Signature

Be the go-to person in your field, and let opportunities chase you. How? By consistently delivering value and creating a narrative about your expertise.

Example: Imagine being a coach renowned for enhancing employee morale. Soon, businesses grappling with high turnover rates will have you on speed dial. Your track record becomes your pitch.

Tapping into these four luck types isn't about waiting; it's about positioning, acting, and staying alert. The world's canvas has opportunities painted all over; all you need is the right perspective to see them.

Naval Wisdom on wealth, happiness, investing, and more

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson is a collection of Naval's Wisdom from Twitter, podcasts, and essays over the past decade. It covers many topics: wealth, happiness, investing, startups, and more. Naval is a successful entrepreneur and investor; his insights are valuable for anyone who wants to improve their life.

What sets The Almanack apart is the fact that it's not a how-to book. It doesn't provide step-by-step instructions on how to be prosperous or happy. Instead, it offers a framework for thinking about these topics in a new way.

Weekly Challenge

Harnessing luck isn't an abstract notion; it's an actionable journey. Over the next 7 days, I challenge you to focus on amplifying each of Naval's four luck avenues in your business and life.

Day 1-2Crafting Crossroads:

Intentionally step into an unfamiliar environment related to your field, whether a different networking event, a unique workshop, or a different coffee shop than you usually visit.

Day 3-4Relentless Curiosity

Identify three unconventional platforms or niches that align tangentially with your work. Engage actively, even if it feels out of your comfort zone. Share insights, ask questions, and be genuinely curious.

Day 5-6Observational Mastery:

Dedicate two days to be hyper-alert. Listen to conversations, spot trends on social media, and actively participate in forums. Note down any unique insights or recurring themes you stumble upon.

Day 7Personal Brand Audit:

Reach out to three colleagues or peers and ask for feedback on your personal brand. What stands out? What can be refined? Use this to draft a plan to strengthen your brand's perception over the next month.

Extra Mile: Start reading "The Almanack of Naval Ravikant". Dive deep into at least one section, be it on wealth or happiness, and jot down three key takeaways. Implement one takeaway immediately.

Until Next Week,

Pura Vida!

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