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Quickly Boost Your Revenue Without Being an Expert in Everything

Published on
October 10, 2023
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There is a common myth that you need to be an expert in every aspect of your field to make money. Let's tackle this belief. In truth, it's all about selling the solution, and today, you'll learn 3 things that will help you leverage this in your favor. 1 actionable tip, 1 resource, and 1 challenge for you to consider this week.

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Avoid The Monster of The Business World

Imagine this scenario: Sarah, an ambitious solopreneur, knows the ins and outs of digital marketing. Yet, she can't design a website. Rather than spending months learning, she leverages her strength and provides a complete service by outsourcing the design work. That's the magic of selling outcomes, not skills.

Many solopreneurs overprepare and underearn because they're waiting to be "perfect." But here's a fresh perspective: Start selling the outcome, not the method. You'll see how life-changing this can be.

There's a monster in the business world. It's the never-ending hunger for skills. Everyone's trying to get more certifications, attend more courses, and cram more information. But here's the issue: while they're caught up in this cycle, they often forget the art of selling outcomes.

Collect as many skills as possible, hoping you'll have enough to sell something of value. It's a well-trodden path, but many get lost along the way.

But there's a shortcut. Think about the end. If a company needs more online leads, they're not buying coding or design skills. They're purchasing a lead generation machine to make money for them in the form of websites or landing pages. Understand the problem, offer the solution, and then collaborate with those with the skills to realize your vision.

This works because it taps into the essence of business. It's problem-solving. Clients don't care about the journey; they care about the outcome.

Imagine a life coach. They might not know the intricate details of behavioral psychology. But if they can guide a person from a state of distress to one of peace, they're selling that transformation. Or a consultant who might not be a tech wiz but can outsource the development of a business app that skyrockets a company's productivity.

Leveraging Other People's Skills

Consider the book "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferriss. It's a staple for understanding how to leverage other people's skills and time to build a profitable business. Ferriss provides countless examples of effectively outsourcing tasks to focus on what matters – growth and scaling.

Weekly Challenge

Here's a challenge to consider to put this into practice.

Identify the Gap: Take a moment to think about common complaints or needs in your industry. What's something everyone wishes they had but seems hard to get?

Brainstorm the Outcome: Now that you've found the gap, picture the ideal outcome to address it. What does that solution look like? Remember, think of the result, not how you'll get there.

List Your Strengths: While you may not know every aspect of achieving the solution, what are some things you do know? List down your current skills and expertise.

Find Your Partner: Using your strengths as a base, identify what additional skills are needed to achieve the desired outcome. Look for someone who complements your skill set. This could be a freelancer, a fellow solopreneur, or a professional in another field.

Craft a 30-Second Elevator Pitch using the StoryBrand Method: Donald Miller's StoryBrand method revolves around clarifying your message so customers engage.

Create a pitch that:

  • Addresses the character (your potential client and their problem).
  • Introduce the guide (that's you and your partner).
  • Propose a plan (the solution you offer).
  • Paint a picture of the successful outcome (the benefits of your solution).
  • Highlights the stakes if the problem isn't addressed.

Test the Waters: Approach three potential clients or customers with your pitch. Gauge their interest and gather feedback.

Reflect: At the end of the week, reflect on the responses you received. What worked? What didn't? Adjust your strategy accordingly for the next week.

Now, you have a clear path to start offering solutions. One step at a time, one week at a time.

At the end of the day, that's what entrepreneurship is all about.

Until Next Week,

Pura Vida!

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