TF3 #034

How to Write with Clarity for Skyrocketed Conversions without Drowning in Complex Jargon

Published on
September 19, 2023
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Today, you'll learn 3 things to help you write with clarity. 1 actionable tip, 1 resource, and 1 challenge for you to consider this week.

Before we dive into it, check this week's highlight below:

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Picture this: Every time you write, your audience feels a tug. They understand. They're compelled. It's almost magnetic.

There's a silent killer in the digital world. Many solopreneurs, coaches, and consultants pride themselves on having a unique voice. But when it comes to writing for their business, they often struggle to maintain that authenticity while still writing clearly enough to convert. Let's change that.

The Hidden Pitfall of Ambiguity

There is a common belief that you must use fancy jargon to sound professional. This can lead you down the path of confusing and ambiguous messaging. Common advice is to use tools like the Hemingway App to simplify sentences or to follow established copywriting formulas. Yet relying solely on these can leave your content feeling generic.

Your unique voice and perspective are your most potent tools for connection. Instead of just simplifying sentences, the key is to simplify the idea. Distill it to its purest form and then express it using your authentic voice.

The human brain is wired to remember stories and emotions, not complex jargon. When you tell your story in your own unique way, it resonates. Think about a coach sharing a transformation journey in simple words versus a consultant explaining a process with many acronyms.

For instance, a life coach could say, "I help you navigate life's storms so you can find the sunshine." Clear, simple, and emotionally charged. Or, a business consultant might say, "I'm your business GPS. I help you find the fastest route to success, avoiding traffic jams along the way." Again, it's clear, relatable, and avoids jargon.

Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Made to Stick, A New York Times Bestseller by Chip and Dan Heath that delves into the core elements that make ideas memorable and relatable. While not strictly a copywriting book, its lessons can be invaluable for anyone wishing to write with more clarity and impact.

The Heaths use real-world examples to show how simplicity, unexpectedness, and concrete details can turn an idea into something powerful.

They are storytellers at heart, and their techniques will help any solopreneur convey their message with the precision of a master.

Weekly Challenge

Let's dive straight into it:

  1. Pick one piece of content – a post, a website page, or an email.
  2. Identify any jargon or complex terms. Simplify them.
  3. Rewrite with emotion and storytelling. Remember, it’s not just about simplicity but clarity with authenticity.

By the end of this challenge, not only will your content resonate more with your audience, but it'll also be unmistakably YOU.

Imagine a world where your audience feels an instant connection with your words. They clearly understand your message, feel its power, and are moved to action. That's the world you're stepping into. Your authentic voice, paired with clear messaging, is an unbeatable combination. Embrace it, and watch your conversion rates soar.

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