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Conquer The Business World Using a Proven Decision-Making Process

Published on
October 17, 2023
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During the Vietnam War, US Special Forces used the CARVER Matrix to quickly assess, rank, and choose targets. If soldiers in the thick of battle could use it for life-altering decisions, imagine what it can do for solopreneurs, coaches, and consultants in today's hyper-paced world.

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How to Make Lightning-Fast Decisions without Second-Guessing Yourself

Have you ever found yourself drowning in the paralysis of analysis? With so many decisions, big and small, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Many turn to pros and cons lists, or seek advice from multiple sources, only to feel more confused. These methods are linear and time-consuming, often leading to more indecision.

Enter the CARVER Matrix. A six-factor framework I first heard from Michael Gardon. A framework ensures decisions are both qualitative and quantitative. Here's how and why it works:

1. Criticality: How vital is this decision to your business or life? Is it the heartbeat or just a hiccup? For a coach, choosing a coaching platform might be critical, while picking the color of a logo, less so.

2. Accessibility: How easily can you implement your decision? If you're a consultant, perhaps you've identified a game-changing strategy, but its value diminishes if it takes too long to initiate.

3. Recoverability: If things go south, can you bounce back? For a solopreneur, risking all your capital on an untested marketing method might be hard to recover from, while a small pilot campaign is less so.

4. Vulnerability: How prone is your decision to external threats? For example, if a coach opts for a trending but unproven online course platform, it might be more vulnerable to tech glitches or sudden drops in popularity.

5. Effect: What's the ripple effect of your decision? A consultant recommending clients switch their entire tech stack could skyrocket their efficiency or plummet productivity.

6. Recognizability: Can you or your clients immediately recognize the value of your decision? If a solopreneur launches a new product, but its benefits aren't clear to customers, sales might stall.

These elements combine to give you a complete view of your decisions. This helps you see both the big picture and the details. By applying CARVER, you'll make decisions faster, with the confidence that you're not overlooking crucial elements.

A Gem Worth Its Weight in Decisions

While the CARVER Matrix isn't the newest kid on the block, its applications in modern decision-making are endless. Want a deeper dive? Check out Michael Gardon's article on this powerful special forces decision-making method.

Weekly Challenge

For the next week, apply the CARVER Matrix to every significant decision you face. Start small: perhaps with what content to post or which client project to prioritize. Document your decision-making process and the outcomes.

You'll likely find that what used to take hours of deliberation now takes minutes. And as you get better, your confidence will skyrocket, and second-guessing will plummet.

The CARVER Matrix is not just for wartime decisions. It's a weapon for modern-day warriors like you, navigating the business battleground. Decisions are inevitable. Regret isn't. Arm yourself with CARVER, and conquer your world with the confidence of a seasoned strategist. Don't just decide. Decide with purpose. Decide with CARVER.

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